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Engine: timing belt and spark plugs

Engines want a toothed belt that is made of solid material. It can transfer forces for longer and is flexible enough to adjust itself and keep tension at a constant. What about spark plugs? We ensure that they ignite reliably; that they ensure optimal combustion and don’t overheat, thereby guaranteeing smooth engine operation and lower consumption.

Timing belts

Your benefits 

  • The toothed belt is robust and dimensionally stable: Thanks to glass and synthetic fibers, and abrasion-resistant coating.
  • The perfect fit: Our Genuine Parts are specially developed and tested for your Volkswagen engine.
  • The spark plugs ensure consistent performance and lower fuel consumption: Thanks to    precise placement of the spark in the combustion chamber.

Volkswagen Genuine Timing Belts: FAQs

Your Volkswagen Spark Plugs: FAQs

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